Public Lectures

We had an amazing experience of the Ayurvedic hospital by Sanjay who was very informative and showed us the different therapies available here. The hospital is very hygienic and comfortable and had a lot of friendly staff. Great place to visit and check out the natural therapies available :)

---Kristen Ellis

Thanks Dr Sanjay for the education sessions, you have given us a lot of information about ayurvedic treatments.

---Jess Witchell

Thank you for your guidance of Ayurveda medicine and dosha information in our first meeting. This was my first experience of this ancient practice and I am drawn to learn more and align with nature. Dr Sanjay describes things very well and is very knowledgeable.

---Tara D'cruz-Noble

Highly recommended, serious doctor that explains the true meaning of Ayurveda, not pretending impossible results but being very true to its principles. We came out with useful lifestyle advice, eager to continue the journey of Ayurveda and with concrete clear actions,a true man! Thank you

---Nausica Sala