Spa and wellness

1. In shirodhara, I feel more relax and peace in mind and during process best services, provided by "Pranav centre"

--- CA Madan gopal Sharma, 1-smarat nagar, Bohara ganesh,Udaipur.

2. "Aum Shanti"Regarding Dr.Sanjay -Wonderful experience with spiritual, ayruvedic treatment. Feel extremely helpful by Sanjay and by Staff.

--- Daxa Ben, NRI, London.

3. Extraordinary experience came with tension and questions left with clarity well conditioned hair! Thank You!

--- Mark Euam –Canada

4. I had shirodhara and massage experience under skilled attendant and doctor ,this made my Udaipur trip unforgatable.I will spread this panchkarma therapy throughout my life and will experience the same when I come to Udaipur again .I am a patient of brain stroke ,I really tired of activities in last 11 months.This relaxed me to a very well extent . Dr. Sanjay is a genuine person who guides very well .I heartly thank Dr.Sanjay and his team.

--- Sanjay Chawla,8 greater tirupati colony behind senior saint paul school ,Indore(MP)

5. Good and relaxing experience. Worth coming once.

--- Prinyank and Radhika –Lucknow ,UP

6. Very nice massage, feel very relaxed now! Hope oil work through over night.Thank You!

--- Deb Kent wells –Australia

7. It was a moment very marvelous, sweet very sweet. A moment with two men very professional, serious and happy. My third eye is open still more and I am, I was with saul/god and their worlds high experience. Thank you very much and good way for you! Very good meet! Bisous !

--- Chantal Paul (Social worker, France)

8. Very relaxing. My headache has completely gone. We did bliss pack and it really worth it. Shirodhara is fantastic-complete relaxation.

--- Grammens Tine –Belgium.

9. I experienced a massage today at Pranav ayurvedic centre the therapist thoroughly relaxed me from head to toe. She was attentive to each and every joint, allowing my body to de-stress and muscles to relax.

--- Adrian Wagner ,Physiotherapist,

10. Excellent therapist and good ambience created, had a rejuvenation therapy,it is really nice and skilled personnel , very good initiative for city of Lakes ,nice place to come again.

--- Shreyansh Sharma – life coach &corporate communicator-55/226,Rajat Path Mansarovar Jaipur.

11. Amazing massage! Had many ayurvedic or other and by far my best in ayurvedic.

Chloe Pringalle Germany -

12. मैं प्रणव संस्थान मंे वैद्य जी से अपनी Insomina & stress (अनिद्रा व तनाव) की problem के लिए रूबरू हुआ। एक ऐसा वातावरण जो पूर्णतया आयुर्वेद के सिद्धान्तों पर आधारित हैं। मैंने कई जगह ंससवचंजीपब जतमंजउमदज करवाया लेकिन परिणाम 'ढाक के तीन पात' अन्ततोगत्वा मैंने आयुर्वेद की शरण ली और शिरोधारा उपचार लिया। मुझे इस उपचार के दौरान कुछ समय पश्चात ही गहन निद्रा की अनुभूति होने लगी। मानो सारी tension मुझसे दुर हो गई। अगर आप executive है या आपकाschedule hectic रहता है व ऐसी समस्या है तो आप एक बार वैद्य जी से जरूर consult करें। आपके उत्तम स्वास्थ्य व सेवा कार्य को आगे बढाने की कामना करते हुए एक बार पुनः वैद्य जी को सहर्ष धन्यवाद।

अनिल कुमार शर्मा-Director Agrotech sansthan & Agrotech college, Udaipur