Overview - PRANAV has no secret formula but we do stick to some basic principles.

PRANAV is the hospital of choice for anyone seeking curative or preventive treatment for chronic diseases or simply to maintain wellness including tissue rejuvenation, good metabolism and healthy digestive system. Pranav has a great interfere in field of Yoga and Ayurveda, having yoga students/patients from wellness and simple flu to HIV and cancer, patients from India to abroad. It was founded in 2011 by Dr. Sanjay Maheshwari.

Techniques and treatments

We use classical Ayurveda treatments, ancient Panchkarma therapies, diet plans, accupressure, jalauka, kshar-sutra, agnikarma, herbal beauty care, naturopathy, spa and wellness treatments along with. Pran (breath) as medicine for the treatment of all curable and incurable diseases by Pranayam (breathing technique / nano technology) and other yogic methods accordingly.

International hygiene standards

We always give priority to hygienic standards, as regular fumigation of Panchkarma theatre (dhupan also), clean dressed up therapists, fresh new napkins and towels for every patient, neat and clean aprons, masks, gloves and hair caps of therapists.

Universal conscious power and treatments

We consider the body as almightys gift and we will be ever watchful to keep it healthy and full of vitality by adopting the principle of self control order and harmony in our lives. We always start every treatment with Swastivachanam (pray for wellbeing of treatment to universal Conscious power and Mother Nature and science).

Local medicines and herbs (Ayurvedic products)

Here in Udaipur city and forest around Udaipur, we have rich heritage of medicinal plants, so we try to collect herbs/raw medicines on our own and use them directly or after preparing their combined products in therapies. We are also developing an in-house urban herbal garden. Quality of medicines and treatments are always big issues for us so we never allow low quality pharmacy drugs at our centre. We always use standard GMP certified pharmacy products.

Personalized care

PRANAV shall not treat without a complete health assessment first.
Our panel of PRANAV Physicians use classical Ayurveda principles and assessment techniques, complemented with allopathic diagnostic tools, on need basis, to identify the person-specific underlying factors that are causing illness. We then develop a highly customized prescription which considers not only present medical complaints but also incipient health risk factors.

PRANAV physicians not only communicate their conclusions but also why they reached such conclusion empowering you to manage your health in an informed way. You may therefore expect your consultation to be rigorous, detailed and unhurried, with a focus on understanding you as a unique individual. All our facilities offer a peaceful healing environment in a highly convenient location.

.......and as an organization we want to work as a center of excellence in the field of wellness with Mainstreaming Yoga & Ayurveda.