Wellness Packages

Frequent traveler?s package/Special tourist package

This is specialy designed for frequent travelers,tourists to make them free from teredness,weariness,fatigue,stress &strain caused while & after traveling.

Ayurvedic life style consultations - 60 Minutes.

The life style is the way a person lives & Ayurveda ?Ayu + veda (Life + knowledge) is simple but a science that provide the knowledge of life. By following the regimens said by the Ayurvedic Acharyas, one can reinforce the health by preventing the disease through avoiding the cause of disease and getting proper treatment for diseases.

Body type/ Body Constitution (Prakriti) Analysis 30 - 50 minutes

According to Ayurveda every person has Special and unique constitution. By knowing your constitution, you can plan your diet & other routine activities that helps you a lot in achieving best health & wealth with prevention of diseases in day to day life.

Special Vajikaran course (Ayurvedic science of sex) ? 20-30 minutes

Vajikaran (Aphrodisiac science) is shrouded in a great darkness of ignorance, unfortunately, this kind of ignorance is not bliss. The vast ignorance surrounding vajikaran has led to a lot of myths & misconceptions that led to major effects such as fear, feeling of guilt, poor self esteem, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, Marital conflict, divorce, suicide and last but not the least quackery in the name of Ayurvedic sexual tonics & sciences.
And in this programme we will counter the myths & misconceptions using analogies, explanations and question answer sessions with treatment of problems for your health & efficient sexual life.

Ayurvdic Diet and nutrition counseling for healthy as well as diseased person ? 30-40 minutes

Speical diet (Pathya) is prescribed along with the drugs & treatment. The diet regimen is as important as remedies since former helps to restore the balance as much as the latter.

Natural weight loss & inch loss

Obesity is the major cause of many diseases like heart attack, diabetes, Joints pain (Arthritis), Hypertension, blood pressure problems & many other problems.
The main cause of obesity is modern day life-style with others. In this programme we completely give you treatment for weight loss & Consultations to avoiding the regain of weight.
Weight management programme is designed on an individual basis & addresses the physical & emotional challenges associated with weight & maintenance.

Stress alleviation programme 7-14 days

In this programme we use different relaxive techniques to rid ?off your stress & tensions due heavy work schedules, meeting deadlines, long hours of work load...
Special Ayurvedic panchkarma therapies & yogic techniques are very helpful for cool life. Also find out strss reducing foods, nutrients,body movements & new way of thinking.

Pain Management programmes ? 7 to 14 days

This programme is highly appreciated world wide for its salient results. We use different Ayurvedic Medicated oils, steam & Ayurvedic medicines Panchkarmsa measures in management of whole body pain, Back pain, Neck pain, Spine pain, Joints pain, Head-aches etc