These are six yogic purificatory (cleansing) methods which are as beneficial as Ayurvedic panchkarma .The aim of Panchkarma is physical purification & apart of this aim of shatkarma is physical as well as mental purification'

Basic shatkarmas are :

(1) Neti karma

-Purification of nasal route. Two types -Sutra neti ,Jal neti.

(2)Dhoti karma

-Purification of stomuch. Two types -Vastra dhoti ,Jal dhoti

(3)Basti karma(Enema)

-Anus,rectum & large intestine purification. Two types -Pawan basti (Air enema),Jal Basti (liquid enema).

(4) Tratak

Eye purification & also very good results in improving memory & concentration. Three types -Aantar trataka,Bahya trataka,Madhya trataka.


-Nostrils & nasopharynx purification ,very good result in kayakalpa (whole body development).


-Visceral massage which beneficil mainly to digestive system and beneficial in curing of all diseases.