न त्वहं कामये राज्यं न स्वर्गं नापुर्नभवम्।
कामये दु:खतप्तानां प्राणिनामार्तिनाशनम्।।

I do not desire lordship over others.
Nor do I aspire for heavenly pleasure.
Nor do I pray to be released from the bondage of birth and death.
My only ambition is to become an instrument of relieving the sufferings of those who are groaning under the scourge of diseases.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve and promote the health of healthy as well as cure the diseases by mainstreaming Yoga and Ayurveda.
The whole idea is to give priority to holistic health involving minimum expenses and to take our society in the right direction. We will be able to provide simple, easy, effective and scientific treatment with the help of Yoga and Ayurveda. Pranav consider its privilege and duty to safeguard, nurture and propagate this unique scientific tradition and put it to the maximum use for the wellness of the entire world.


We believe that every Indian must be proud of the fact that his country has given birth to the great medical tradition of Ayurveda and Yoga. We have been gifted profound knowledge this by our ancestors for the benefit of all living creatures on the planet.

Core Values

Services centered on unique needs of each patient
Yoga and Ayurveda are always the first line of treatment
Personalized Doctor-Patient Relationship
Professionalism and Corruption-free
Hygiene and Cleanliness

Mission Strategy

We have a five-fold strategy to achieve our goal/to run our mission:

Dissolving the Communication Gap

Yoga and Ayurveda, the complete life-science and boon to health for humankind, evolved through the experimental wisdom and selfless dedication of our ancient seers. It was not compiled in laboratories nor does it owe it?s evolution to some corporate strategy to only maximize profit.
Ayurveda practitioners evolved their knowledge through their continue dialogue with patients and with the deep understanding of local resources. Socio-economic considerations are reflected in therapy and there is a solution for everyone. Our motto is to further continue that dialogue by dissolving the communication gap with common people as well as with big laboratories.

Removing Myths and Misconceptions about Yoga and Ayurveda

We admit that this country called Jagat-Guru has unfortunately declined due to certain myths and misconceptions about its classical heritage. We seek to correct these so that India will rise in such a way that the world will be astonished by it. And we are seeing its evidence today as the world is accepting India as the guru of Yoga, Ayurveda, Spiritualism and Mindfulness.

Bringing the greatness of Yoga and Ayurveda to every door step

Improper application of science often results in controversial outcomes and wasteful debate. It is our small endeavor to apply science properly and bring the height of Yoga and Ayurveda to every door step for the welfare of humankind especially in the field of wellness.

Challenging the wrong ambitions of people

We wish to introduce the scientific approach of Yoga and Ayurveda to all the persons who are insulting it by limiting yoga to only a physical exercise, calling Ayurveda a fake knowledge or making it into a profit-making business. Basically, they may be unaware of the miracle results of these sciences or they are jealous and face financial loss due to the global acceptance of these sciences.

Making a disease-free society

The priorities of health services worldwide have changed dramatically due to social, political, economical and educational improvements. However, limitations in the potency and financial viability of highly researched modern medicines which were developed by a number of pharmaceutical companies after spending a lot of money and hard work, have compelled politicians, scientists, social workers, policymakers, administrators, educationists to renew their interest, hope and faith in the oldest holistic health care system in the world. We dream of a disease-free society and a healthcare mechanism which is self reliant, self sustainable, autonomous, accessible, and affordable to all.

Our Commitment to Excellence

1. We will be among the top Yoga, Ayurveda and Panchkarma therapy provider in the world in term of patient base.
2. We will offer world class treatments across a range of therapy centers in India and abroad.

"We dream of a desease free society and a health care mechanism which is self-reliant,self sustainable,autonomous,accesible and affordable to all."