Yog is not just a physical exercise but a holistic medical science; It is a philosophy of life, a spiritual knowledge. It is a profound philosophical thought process, & it is also about having a simple, easy and balanced life style.
Contrary to popular ? or unpopular ? perception, Yoga positions are not about how far you can reach to touch your toes or how many repetitions you can perform. It is all about paying attention to how your body feels; how it moves without that excruciating pain or agony!
Yoga is all about breathing correctly about integrating that breath into your being. Conscious Yoga doesn?t call for you to force or strain your sinew. Meaning to say, right Yoga is learning how to do things right, do less that gets you more,Yoga is to be tune with nature of supreme reality. The benefits of Yog or pranayam constitute a fact that can be established only from personal experience & regular practice.
Adopting a new system in life is very difficult but Indians had adopted Yog as a life style since the beginning of civilization. The practice of Yog became less popular during middle ages but the present Yog revolution is like reviving the past, as millions of people are again practicing & getting its benefits. We want that Yog should become a philosophy of life for everyone and people with any disease should take to Yog for regaining health. Those feeling lost should find some direction; those feeling dejected, insecure and therefore suicidal may get on the path of self awareness.
This will begin a fresh revolution in the society and we will be able to bring Yog & Ayurveda into the mainstream systems currently in use in the world.
We are committed to get Yog accepted internationally as a medical science. We are determined to achieve this goal through ?PRANAV?. There is a need to appreciate Yog, Ayurveda and all Vedic tradition in totality. We are determined to obtain more scientific evidence and build a science perspective not only for Yog & Ayurveda but for the entire Vedic knowledge and wisdom.

We provide you holistic yoga treatments with our special customized programmes :-

1. Yoga for children
2. Yoga for women.
3. Yoga for Pregnant ladies
4. Yoga for Spinal cord
5. Yoga for Diabetes
6. Yoga for Renal diseases
7. Yoga for Obesity.
8. Yoga for hypertension / High blood pressure.
9. Yoga for Musculoskeletal disorders.
10. Yoga for Heart diseases.
11. Yoga for Childless couples.
12. Yoga for Asthma.
13. Yoga for Cancer.
14. Yoga for eye diseases.
15. Yoga for Skin diseases.
16. Yoga for Piles & constipation.
17. Yoga for Stomuch ailments.
18. Yoga for Migraine & epilepsy.
19. Yoga for Jaundice & Hepatitis.
20. Yoga for Parkinson & paralysis.
21. Yoga for Various ailments.
22. Yoga for Sports medicines.
23. Yoga for Self realization.
24.Yoga nidra(yogic sleeping).
25.Laughter Yoga.
26.Facial Yoga.
27.Yoga for computer related health problems.
28.Yoga for leukoderma.
29.Yoga for HIV +ve/AIDS patients
30.Special 30 minute yoga for busy persons/excuetive yoga

(1)Yoga for children - For your ideal Baby.

-Special experience of Asan,Pranayam,Suryanamaskar for physical,mental,social & spiritual development of your child specialy for food habbits,sanskars & over all personalty development of your baby.
-Special programme for 3-15 year children.
-Special asans for children?s height increasement and complete yoga for healthy ,smart, fit & attractive personality for your child.
-Solutions of problems like concentration, memory, eye sight weakness, general weakness, obesity, bed wetting ,tonsils, epistaxsis with a commentary touching to your heart to make your baby...characteristic, healthy & intelligent.
-With continue tuning this yoga programme ; your child will be away from consumeric culture and will be a great personality of world by harmony with greatest Indian culture & life values.

(2)Yoga for women -Be a beautiful & cultured woman.

-Yoga for irregularity in harmones & menstrual cycle, acne, pimples, spots & wrinkle on face,hair problems ,anemia, uterine & ovarian diseases
-All females like healthy beautiful, attractive, fit figure, glory on face, black hairs, blushy face, You will get an attractive figure as well as get good solutions of problems like depression, thyroid ,dental disorders, uterine & ovarian disorders through our this yoga package.
-Most of females are to face haemoglobin deficiency, obesity, dandruff, glasses on face ,acne & pimples, hair loss, whitening of hairs ,less height, you will get relaxation in most of above problems through our kind endeavor.

(3)Yoga for pregnant women -A happy & healthy mother & Baby care.

-Methods of asans ,micro exercises,& pranayams for pregnant ladies.
-If you want to be a mother of healthy, strong, intelligent, charcteristic, meritorious child then follow our programme manually with dedication and realize the ?Sanskars?.
-You will be away from being a mother of mongoloid ,handicapped, mentally disable, ill child through regular practice of pranayam.
-You can get the solution of common problem in pregnancy like depression ,High blood pressure, obesity, thyroid, asthama, arthritis, vomiting, diahorrea, back-ache, through our this programme.
-Yoga gives strength to ectoderm, mesoderm & endoderm of child so your child will get proper development.

(4)Yoga for spinal cord-A revolution without pain killer in spinal pains.

-Very well experienced & proved treatment of back-ache, cervical spondylitis, sciatica pain, slip disc, lumber spondylitis etc spinal cord diseases through asans , pranayams ,acupressure & ayurveda treatments.
-Yogasans are only way to cure spinal cord diseases.
-Most of surgeries of spinal cord are not fully successes, you may be life long paralyses by a small mistake and then your life will be spoiled /hell.
-You will get definitely very good results in back-bone problems through our this special programme dedicated to back-bone disorders, only you are requested to be awared for cautions & methods addressed by ours and be dedicated to yogasans & take treatment regularly.

(5) Yoga for diabetes -Ultimate programme for diabetecs.

-Treatments of diabetes and bad effects of post complications of diabetes e.g. heart diseses , weakness, retinopathy, nueropathy, myopathy, nephropathy, sexual problems through traditional way.
-Answers of all firing questions like
What should be the diet regimen and daily regimen of diabetics?
What are the cautions for diabetes?
-The terror of diabetes has spread around the world, Insulin may help you enough in controlling diabetes but yoga is only way to avoid complications of diabetes.
-Your diabetes will being controlled naturally through this package, you should be touched continuously with your physician and drop medicines steadily after pathological investigations.

(6) Yoga for Renal diseases-For no kidney problems.

-know a days, it is common of kidney failure due to kidney stone, shrinking of kidney(kidney shrinkage), diabetes ,High blood pressure.
- Yogic treatment of kidney failure, kidney stone.
-Today crores of people of world are suffering from threatening kidney disorders due to lack of exercise of kidney & liver with drinking less water , excessive medicines ,excessive taking of acidic materials ,and increasing diabetes complication.
-Kidney transplantation is only option after few days life defense through dialyses.
-Make your life & your family?s life happy by adopting the programme which gave benefits to a no. of peoples.

(7)Yoga for obesity-To make you slim.

-Treatment of diseases like obesity & post complication of obesity like heart diseases, diabetes, back & joint pain, depression, tension, stress, heart attack.
-Obesity is the problem of more then 100 crore peoples including 20 % to 40% youngsters and 10%to20% children.
-You will be beneficial to cure obesity generated by carbonated cold drinks, fast ? food culture, lack of labour or due to heredity or due to any other reason by a well trained trainer with unique harmless & universal method.
-No. of peoples loss their weight by adopting these type of programmes.
-They do not less their weight only, but also there was not looseness in muscles ,you will increase glow on your face ,confidence in every aspect and by continue practicing your weight will be maintained.

(8) Yoga for high blood pressure-Have a tension free life with us

-Effective treatment of high blood pressure generated due to any reason through traditional method of pranayam & meditation.
-You can control high blood pressure with allopathic treatment but you will be always away from permanent solution but you will not only get control on high blood pressured but also get full solution & permanent cure by our special programme centered to cure high blood pressure.
-It is boon to humanity for so called "untreatable desease high blood pressure".
-You can get red of high blood pressure due to any reason obesity,diabetes mellitus,heart diseases,kidney disorders,tension or heredity with simple,non invasive authentic yogic & ayurvedic treatment.

(9)Yoga for Musculoskeletal disorders-Unparalleled in joint cares

-Rheumatic arthritis ,joint pain, gout, osteoporosis, inflammation in joints, bone enlargement, increased uric acid, increased ESR,RA positive ,has been big problem on today ,easy & simple endaveaur to free from these problems .
-Joint pain relieving allopathic drugs(Painkillers ,analgesics) may hazards but use of methi, haldi, soth, ashwagandha described in ayurveda texts are harmless & scientific treatment .So get your health yourself by adopting cheap ,simple, easy, effective crores of years old therapy.

(10)Yoga for Heart diseases-Its time to say good bye to heart problems.

-According to WHO it is most threatning disease for death of mankind on todays scenerio.
-Effective treatment of heart blockage ,arrhythmia, heart enlargement, angina, less working capacity of heart, valvular disorder ,irregular lipid profile.
-In this programme ,we described the methods of controlling fast growing problem of cardiac disorders, If your friend ,relative or any nearest is suffering from heart diseases, you can make their life happy & prosperous by delivering this programme to them with the help of ours.

(11)Yoga for childless couples-A great programme for childless couples.

-Yogic & ayurvedic treatment of problems like azuspermia, irregular menstrual cycle, tumor in ovary or uterus, constriction of fallopian tubes or frequently miscourage ,infertility.
-If you are not being a mother due to miscourage, abortion, premature delivery then please adopt this progrmme for a single time with complete faith & believes.
-It will reform the oogenessis (ovulation) process by giving strength to ovary and normalizing the harmones.
-If you are away from child happiness due to azuspermia & sexual weakness in male & disturbed menstrual cycle or constricted tubes or cyst in ovary in female or due to another clinical reasons or some times all clinical findings are normal but you are away from child happiness then by adopting these natural ,simple ,non complicated methods & by god?s blessing & our wishes your darken life will light up.

(12)Yoga for Asthma-Have a natural brething.serkpgeoprsj

-Mixed treatment with different different alternative pathies of respiratory diseases, sinusitis, allergic, rhinitis, bronchitis, polyps, catarrh, common cold ,allergy.
-Due to increasing pollution, dietetic incompatibility, environment changing, heredity so many persons are suffering from these diseases, by adopting presented methods a lot of people got relaxation & a misconception that ?nek ne ds lkFk ds lkFk feVsxk? prooved wrong.
-You will definately get relived in these deseases with our simple methods.

(13)Yoga for cancer-Little endavour to cure so called threatened disease.

-Cancer is the cause of of 60 lakh deaths per year.
-We complete endeavor with hard work in our programme to adopt the experienced knowledge & results got by yoga therapist & vaidhyas by treating thousands of cancer patients.
-Thousands of patients got benefits with continue practicing yoga & ayurveda .Whatever knowledge & results we collected from various sources we tried to adopt in this programme.
-Lakhs of cancer patients are frustrated even after radiation, chemotherapy, operation or allopathic treatment they are dying with cancer and their families are getting pressured with burden of borrowed money, cancer is reoccurring in 50% to 90 % cases.
-Just only one time wake up with enthusiasm & confidence ,You are requested to follow our experienced way of yoga pranayam and ayurveda for better life as normal person.
-You have experienced so many things but haven?t result ,lets experience to us for single time ,give a chance to treat to you and feel the happiness in your frustrated life

(14)Yoga for eye diseases-Dream of natural vision for all.

-Treatment of problem like glasses on eye ,glaucoma ,cataract, night blindness, double vision, colour vision, Problem of retina& cornea ,lack of tears,allergy,continoue watering from eyes.
-A small endeavor to break says like ?glass on eyes or cataract can?t be treated without operation? with methods to make you complete free from eye disorders and way of life to live longer with bright sight ness.
-Please adopt our this programme if you don?t want to see your loved children loaded with heavy glasses on their eyes.

(15) Yoga for Skin diseases-Miracle in skin disorders.

- Practical treatment of threatning skin disorders like Psoriasis , eczema , leucoderma, acne ,pimples ,itching.
-More then 15 crore in world and 2 crore in India are suffering with skin diseases like psoriasis , eczema and other skin disorders , there is no permanent cure of diseases like psoriasis in allopathy but psoriasis and eczema patients got expected benefits with pranayam and naturopathies.
-Eradicate the skin diseases by adopting our programme with avoiding over excitement, angriness , stress , fast food , cold drinks ,dietetic incompatibility.

(16) Yoga for piles & constipation-Right choice for anorectal disorders.

-Ideas of treating ? never curable disease to more then 100 crore peoples of world ;constipation & it?s complications like piles, gas , anorexia, laziness, weakness, head-ache.
-Every second person have abdominal ailments .some one have anorexia, another one gas. Some one have acidity another have piles, root cause of it , is constipation, mild constipation have most of peoples and they wastage their time with confusion in latrines.
Some person have great constipation so they can?t use their time and energy ,positively & creatively. They get direct loss in their self productivity & work capacity.
-Even the person who never got the clarity of abdomen in their life ,will get good results in constipation & its complications viz piles ,gastric trouble ,anorexia, head-ache, laziness, weakness etc but very important condition is devotion & faith in yoga & god with believes in yoga & regularity is must .

(17)Yoga for stomach ailments(GIT disorders)-The natural way for GIT maintanance.

-Treatment of ulcer ,acidity , colitis, & inflammation in intestine.
-Acidity ,ulcers, anorexia , indigestion, weakness, headache & haemoglobinimia all are the results of dietetic incompatibilities , non vegetarian. liquor , cold drinks ,spicy food , excessive tea, coffee & tobacco, oily & fried materials and allopathy have only symptomatic relief but no permanent cure.
-You will be succeed in getting effective precautions (prophylaxis) and treatment of stomach ailment by method , described by us.
-This programme is devoted to inspiration of living healthy, longer, happy & prosperous life.

(18)Yoga for migraine & epilepsy-Yoga & ayurveda's gift to head-ache patients.

-Yoga is a boon for all 60 type of head-ache and incurable chronic head-ache like migraine, epilepsy etc.
-We will describe the ideas to relieve from normal head-ache to thereaten migraine in presented programme .
-You will be free from epileptic pits by (up to) 1 year practicing of pranayam & non side effective treatment of ayurveda ,and important thing that you will be away from mental retardation (epilepsy brings mental retardation).

(19)Yoga for Jaundice & Hepatitis-Liver disorders!!!what was is this?

-Treatment of threatening disease like hepatitis A,B,C ,Liver cirrhosis.
-Crore of peoples are experiencing threatening liver disorders by taking continuous liquor , cold drinks ,or excessive use of fried materials or due to genetic causes.
-We believe that ray of expectations will rise in the life of frustrated persons & families with blessings of god through our special programmes.
-A false confusion is spread in modern medical science that hepatitis and liver cirrhosis can?t be treated and they do not have permanent cure to it.
-But by the heritage knowledge of yoga & aurveda as a result of continuous researches of saint & rishies , exciting results has been got by various yoga therapist & Vaidhyas.At the base of results got by patients it has been proven that threatening diseases like hepatitis & liver cirrhosis is curable.

(20)Yoga for Parkinson & paralysis-A tribute to nervous patients.

-Treatment of tremors , Parkinson, paraplegia, paralysis, polio, weakness, clots in brain & nerves.
-Successful treatment of Parkinson, paralysis as a resultant of irregular blood pressure ,excessive stress, excessive medicines, or heredity through pranayam & naturopathy.
-Some Parkinson & paralyzed patients get results soon & some in 1 year or more then 1 year ,that?s why strong will power & strong determination , continue struggle & struggle based yogasans lead to definate success.

(21)Yoga for Various ailments-Keeps away the fear of miscellaneous ailments.

Treatment of pyreia, fileria , varicose veins ,articaria, worms, gangrenes, cough ,ear & teeth ache , tumors, prostate ,lack of platelets.

(22)Yoga for Sports medicines-Flexibility no far.

Your respiration controls by yoga, pranayam. Yoga can give important contribution in training programmes; Yoga-pranayam may ideal exercise for players.
-By lessing the muscular tone, it?s flexibility and movement can be increased by practicing yoga & pranayam ,Yogasans can perform important role in balancing practices.
-Balancing has important role on maximum games , Mental & physical imbalance can be removed by pranayam, Positive effects have been seen in weigh, BMI ,Fat% ,Max pulse , pulmonary function test lipid profile ,renal function test through yoga & pranayam.

(23)Self realization

The solutions of unsolved questions of life like who is I ?
Where do I come from?
Where do I go?
What is good omen ?
What is ?dharma? ?
Tirtha, god-goddes, boundation, liberation, Karma phala,?
What is motto of life?
What is the need of .'stuti' 'Prarthna' & 'Upasana' among varieties of 'Upasana' of Gyanyoga,karmayoga,bhaktiyoga.
What is the midline of living between ?Yoga & bhoga ? in world .
A sadhaka becomes confused in these questions.
Come on leave to live in confusion at the name of dharma & search the solution.
We heared that ,we get 'Punya' by 'darshan?of saints & sages ,then what is the actual meaning of ?darshan?.
Is it necessary to leave non-vegetarian diet ,liquor, tobacco to mediate?
Come on, convert the life into celebration which is full of frustration, hopelessness, sorrow& stress & make the life successful by knowing the nature of supreme reality.
In this programme you?ll know about these types of questions & answers.
Can we get the divine power like ?ANTARDHYAN & SIDHA DARSHAN??
What is the power Ahimsa - A principle of non-violence,Satya - A principle of Truthfulnes, Asteya - A principle of non stealing, Brahmacharya - Continence / celibacy,Aparigah - A principle of non-hoarding or non possessiveness?
What are the Shoucha ? Purity,Santosh ? Contentment, Tapa ? Endurance, Swadhyaya- Self study, Eshwar Pranidhan- Dedication?

(24)Yoga nidra (Yogic sleeping)

It also called 'Shavasan' Sahv =dead body ,Asan = Asan ;means Shavasan , yoga nidra ,Yoga sleeping is dead body like asan.
In this spiritual process 'sadhaka' (Practitionar) goes in a deep mental relaxation, he gets looseness of all senses and goes in deep sleeping.He looks like a dead body that's why it's called 'SHAVASAN'
It is the best relaxive asan (Like balasan,Makrasan,Shashkasan) most of yog trainers use it as a relaxive asan between hathyogasans & also after completing of yogasans with Hasyasan,Singhsan.
It has very good results in Insomnia(Sleeping disorder) Blood pressure,Nervous disorders,heart diseases,depression.
Found highly beneficial for the BPO professionals,excecutives,CEOs,and all who have very hectic schedule & hustle bustle life style,& the persons who have everything but not time.
It's also beneficial in controlling over senses.
Our experience says that after practicing it a single time ,sadhaka (Practitionar) always request for it to perform again & again.
Really it's magical in itself.

(27.) Yoga for computer releated health problems.

In the last few years,the computer industry has contributed to the biggest technology revolution of the tewntieth century and has changed the way we live, work ,and interact with the world around us in many dramatic ways.This is the greatest impact on our lives.The work environment haschanged drastically today.Work has become more specialezed with the pace being dertermined by the office machinery (espesially computers) ,rather than by persons .In addition long periods of sitting,repetittive activities(e.g. entering information using the keyboard),and either monotonous or intensely focusing work adds to the physical and mental strain of the large number of persons who use computers at their work place or at home,nowadays.
This physical and mental strain manifests as musculoskeletal,emotional and visual problems.Especially ,an increasing number of work-related neck and shoulder disorders have been attributed to constrained work postures and repititive work tasks .One of the most common complaints associated with work at a computer a visual display Terminal,(VDT) is 'eyestrain' .The 'eyestrain' may take the form of 'tired eye' irritation,burning sensations redness,blurred vision and double vision.
It is generally understood that these problems are temporary and are unlikely to cause permanent damage or even short sight.However,these visual problems cause inconvenince to the individual,reduce work efficiency and increase physical fatigue and mental stress.
In addition to the visual ,musculoskeletal and mental/emotional problems described above ,prolonged and continued use of computers associated with other,diverse problems e.g. causing or eggravating skin desease,such as seborrhoeic eczema and rasacea.
In order to address these problems we use a special monograph published by Central council of research in yoga naturopthy,(Department of Ayush,Ministry of health& family welfare,Government of India) .
This programme has an integrated approach of yoga therapy for Visual ,Musculosketel and Mental functionin.It elucidates how eye clensing practice ,yoga posters,voluntarily regulated breathing and meditation is beneficial for the enhancement of temporal visual sesitivity.
This programme also highlights the process of spinal flexibility improvement after practicing different types of yoga.

29.Yoga for HIV +ve/AIDS patients

We have special experience with HIV +ve/AIDS patients ,with an integrated approach of yoga n Ayurveda we?ve seen increased no. of CD4 cells.
We hope this programme as a boon for HIV +ve/AIDS patients

30.Special 30 minute yoga for busy persons/excuetive yoga.

Everyone wishes to shine in his life but in this hectic life , and in the age of cut through competitions a man can?t spend time for himself (although he wishes). Man is earning money at the cost of his health. Some times he wishes to spend time for health ,and he tries also but after sometime he leaves the efforts due to lack of time .
Exexutive,IT Professionals, B.P.O. Professional etc.who is continously exposed to computer screen,prone to computer vision syndrome,confined to sitting on a chair for long hours with prolonged use of fingers for operating keyboard leading to carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive strain injuries) and Back pain symdrome, working late hours without proper sleep during our circadian rhythm, physical and mental stress of meeting deadlines and have untimely food irregularly leading to host of gastrointestinal , neurological ,psychiatric disorders etc. To broaden your awareness of health, fitness, nutrition, movement, stress management and creative expression this package give you enough insight.
So we developed a ?Special 30 minute programme for busy persons? for their good health which is blend of Asans , pranayams, meditations ,some micro exercises,prayer,shantipath etc.
It works wonders to keep you happy and healthy and increases your professional skills ,work life adjustments. We developed the programme on the results of our spontaneous experience in field of yoga , which never make you bored , you will enjoy the programme and your sound health , we will give you such a good training that after some time you can practice it on your own, you will being loving the programme so much that you will wish to perform it again & again to rejuvenate yourself.
After adopting the programme you will be more enthusiastic & optimistic with great positive thought. This is specially made for youngsters who really want go on high in their lives.