Public Lectures

We Conduct special “Swasthya kathaye”( workshops/seminars/public talks) for awareness with schools ,colleges,social organisations,Non government organizations ,corporates, clubs, gyms, health centres,hospitals,clinics, in rural/tribal/urban areas.

Special topics :

  • Ayurvedic daily regimen.
  • Ayurvedic seasonal regimen.
  • Natural urges-do and donts
  • Food philosophy of Ayurveda (Time,Quantity,Quality,Dietetic incompability....)
  • Ayurvedic view on a specific disease.
  • Ayurvedic cosmetic care
  • Constitution analysis
  • Home remedies
  • Wellness with ayurveda
  • Chronic disease and ayurveda
  • Importance of ayurveda in today’s life style
  • Importance of yoga in today’s life style
  • Importance of panchkarma in today’s life style
  • Herbal food festivals-amla/aloe vera/summer natural drinks
  • Jadi buti pariwar.
  • Stress management with yoga/ayurveda/panchkarma

And invited talks on various topics related to yoga/ayurveda/panchkarma/health are always welcome.