Misconception About Yoga

There are so many misconceptitions about yoga due to lack of trained trainer.The biggest misconceptition is about the basic of yoga or aim of yoga which we want to clear, that the aim of yoga is "Tatvanubhuti" i.e. discovery of self or is to be tune with nature of supreme reality.

Some youngsters have misconception that health can't be maintain without exercising instruments, and gym apparatus but we assure you that a good health need determination and patience with a little bit time from your hectic schedule with our special programmes.
Some person misguide yoga as an only beneficial in clinical aspect that is wrong, Yoga is our complete development,It?s a divine science,It can be understand through practicing yoga,this is a subjective (practical ) science ,not objective or theoritical science,One can not understand this miracle science by just having discussions or theoritical sessions,so lets do yoga yourself & feel the miracle science

Another misconceptition about yoga in reference to type of yoga .The basic of yoga comes out from Upnishadas,Shrimadbhagvadgeeta& patanjali Yogasutra,But some persons are developing their own yogic styles & giving it their own name that is wrong.
Some youngsters avoid yoga by saying that it is time consuming process & beneficial only to aged persons but they have great mistaken ,they don't know that yoga is for all age group and if it takes time, than it gives them a lot of then their time in form of increasing their work capacity, their management skills ,time management skills, hustle-bustle life style to a routined life, spiritualistic gain, and everything that they can't imagine.

Some youngsters(and some fake doctors also) avoid yoga by saying it is fake ,it is just only way to mint money by spiritual selling, they blame it as a superstition or a witchcraft ,for their kind information please read Achrya Balkrishna's (world famous Ayurveda & Yoga practionar) Book "Vijan ki kasauti par yoga(Yoga in synergy with medical science)" published by patanjali yoga peeth ,Haridwar(World fame yoga trust) Some youngsters ridicule the supernatural (holistic, Yogic) healing power, but if they see the miracles before their naked eyes they have to believe & We assure you to show this with our special programmes.

Some persons are performing yoga at steam(warm) conditions ,and minting a lot of money at international level, But they have great mistaken, they don't know that yoga's land of origin is India & Indian Saints, Sages, Rishies, Maharshies all used to practice yoga at cold valleys of Himalayas & Whoever desired to practice yoga went to Himalaya's cold temperature conditions & practiced yoga in India. So you all are kind requested to avoid that persons who are performing yoga opposite to originality at steam conditions( at hot temperature) and save your time & money.

Note:- 'Yoga' word is also used in Astrology, the combination of stars(griha,nakshtra) in different aspect in a horoscope is called yoga in astrology. Word 'Yoga' is also used in Ayurveda (The ancient Indian medical system-the life science),Medicine prepared with the help of different ingredients/contents is also called 'Yoga's.