Types of yoga

Its very cofusining matter because yoga is very ancient science and so many persons classified it according to his view.There is various classifications but in Indian text all the methods of sadhna is called yoga.Major?

-Gyan yoga , Karmayoga , Bhaktiyoga


-Gyanyoga, Karmayoga






-In Shrimadbhagvadgeeta's every Chapter is called Yogashastra & end of every chapter is called Yoganta e.g.Arjunvishad yoga,Sankhyayoga..............Mokshyoga ,Sanyas yoga ,But as a conclusion of Geeta Basic yogas are Karmayoga,Bhaktiyoga,Gyanyoga.

In Ancient Indian texts the basic concept of original yoga studies should be referenced from these basic texts



(iii)Patanjali Yoga sutra(Ashtang yoga -


(iv)Hathyoga pradipika

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