Create obsructions in pathway of different organs by muscular constrictin is called Bandha.
The target of bandha is to stimulate kundalini by stimulating or enhancing energy.In this process getting energy kundalini become soften and enters into sushumana nadi from Muladhar chakra.

Basic Bandhas are 3 in number

1. Yama (Principles or moral code)

  • Mul Bandha - Tightly & upward constriction of anorectal muscles (Anal lock)
  • Uddiyan Bandha - Exhaling out air and contraticg the abdominal muscle & elevating diaphragm (Abdominal lock)
  • Jalandhar Bandha -Constriction of laryngeal muscles & touching chin to chest (Chin lock)
  • Mahabandha-when all three bandhas used simultaneously.
  • Aparigah - A principle of non-hoarding or non possessiveness

Note :- Never practice Bandhas in absence of experienced yog