Dietetic Incomoatibility

Means there are some diets which are contraindicated in special conditions (e.g. season, region, quantity, combination???.. ) here we are giving you some dietetic incompatibility

With milk- Do not take curd, salt, gur, sour substance, tamarindus, raddish , turai, about all fruits, garlic ,zinzer , They create chronic incurable diseases like white spots (luecoderma) , psoriasis, osteoasthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, acne , itching etc. With curd ? ?Khir?, milk, butter (panir), Hot food , water mallon, raddish With ghee- Cold milk, cold water , & honey in same quantity. With cold water- Ground nut, Ghee ,oil, water mallon, guava, jamuna, kakri , khira, hot food. With hot food- Cold drinks.