Yoga For Healthy World

80% of total population (direct or indirect) apply traditional healing system in India. But to influence of guilty, increasing globalization, the cultural traditions of India are decreasing. On the base of spontaneous study, experience, research, investigations we believe that India has effective solution of health problem so let?s come on adopt ?Rishi sanscriti? and make the world happy &healthy.

The need of today is 25 to 35 year age group people not should be diseased, otherwise the birth of healthy next generation will be impossible in world so let?s come on and contribute to architect the healthy next generation.

For it, to give the real touch to health for everyone, to conserve the health of class 6,7 ,8 student(average age 10-15 years) an action plan must be applied .Department of health & department of school education are to work along for this purpose . Govt. should start this project as a technological mission. After some years, today?s 10-15 years children will be young of 20-25 years, and will be the administrator of country. If they will be healthy then their springs will also be happy thus without any big expanses we can get the target of health for everyone in few years by applying the action plan of ?health conservation by yogic education , as WHO & most of countries are running the technological mission on Diphtheria, Pertusis, tetanus, polio, measles, tuberculosis through vaccination & other methods therefore, the methods described here are to be used more & more to gain this great goal.

To make the healthy to every men & women of all age groups .

We are to choose male & female from

  • The group of punch& sarpunch of every panchayat.
  • Primary level school teachers of every Govt. or private school
  • Secondary level school teachers of every Govt. or private school
  • High secondary level school teachers of every Govt. or private school
  • College level teachers of every Govt. or private college.

And trained them from 15 days work shop at the time of vacation like winter vacation, summer vacation, Deepawali vacation.

If possible govt. should conduct these type of workshops for the all four pillar of democracy like

  • political leaders (ministers, M.P.s, M.L.A.s & others)
  • Administrative officers
  • Judicial personalities &
  • Media person

Because finally these are responsible to decide the policy of nation.

These four pillars should be given a message that yoga is not way to (worshrps or rites&ritual) iwwtk ikB it?s way to live the life & make the world peaceful.

In these workshop the selection of trainers should be only those person should be permitted to teach who have proper knowledge of Yoga & have the spirit of patriotism.(We are always ready to do so)

In these work shop the practical experience of Ayurvedic daily regimen (dincharya) , seasonal regimen (ritucharya) night (ratri charya) Ahar (diet) nidra (sleep) Brahmcharya () should be given along with yogic life. and then after these workshops ,these trained person will move to society & they will train the rest people in schools, gardens, social gatherings thus these knowledge will spread to grass root. The way to live healthy through yoga, Ayurveda & naturopathy is must to inculcate in children as sanskars because the children will be completely attached to a healthy culture & after 10 years the next generation from these children will be healthy& sanakarit.

Thus in this way goal of health for everyone will be achieved very easily without any big expanses. we think these workshops will able to solve all major problem of a developing or developed country like terrorism, population explosion, health, hygiene, literacy, technology ???..and all major problem directly or indirectly.

In this mission there will be so many hurdles in the path way to regulate it.

Like other missions, some persons may oppose by saying that people haven?t enough money to eat food of two times , they are illiterate, or most of the peoples of world are living below poverty line , then in these circumstances will they go in spiritualism ? Or arrange their live hood ?. we should treat these persons that yoga is not way to pray of particular god or linked to a particular religion or way to????,it is just way to live healthy life and these should be treated that, having all these opposite circumstances, if any people get indisposed he tries to get treatment as literate or rich persons & primary health has major percentage of expanses on health of any country & through yogic practices people will be away from primary diseases & so many chronic diseases thus country /world will get benefits at every level of living like personal, family, social, national, world.& thus the world will be a pleasant place to live like heaven.

Government should promote it & give it a live form through various advertising & inspirational Medias. Regulation in a proper way (through proper advertising& inspirational Medias) & through trained persons, No govt or citizen should object to the regulation of a plan of such the teachings which can change the direction & position of any country. In spite of objection they should promote it more & more.

And for all of thus we are to realize ourselves, getting up from the level of cast, creed, religion, language, country, and region.

With best wishes of healthy world!


Dr. Sanjay Maheshwari

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