How Yoga Works

Blood flow & oxygen supply of whole body increases through yoga thus every part of body gets more energy and subsequently its work capacity increases.
e.g.In case of 'Sarvangasan' blood circulation to thyroid endocrine gland increases subsequently it's work capacity increases. Like this in case of 'Shirshasan'blood circulation to brain increases neurons supply senses faster to brain.

A research according to Dr.Crystophur Moor of Mesechuates institute of technology (MIT) America, ?we expect to cure Alzimers, siezophrenia, multiple sclerosis & epilepsy through shirshasan
Like this in some yogaasans & mudras, increases ,decreases the pressure of various visceral orgnas(Stomuch,Liver,Intestine,Kidney,Pancreases) some times zero pressure thus these organs gets a visceral massage that improves their work capacity in a patient as well as a healthy individual.
Some reflex actions,feed back mechanism also effected by yoga.
Like this we can fight with wrinkles through some facial yoga.which are helpful to stretch and tone facial muscles like singhasan,hasyasan,Shnya pranayam,& some Sukshma yogasans .our facial muscles become weak and flabby and need regular work outs and circulation to reduce wrinkles. Thus we can say yoga acts as Antioxidant in our body & also removes toxins from body as antitoxin.
Swami Ramdev ji Maharaj [Founder of world famous Patanjali Yogpeeth (Trust) & Divya Yoga mandir (Trust) Haridwar,India,(Patanjali Yogapeeth is world's first divene institution for treatment and innovative research in Yoga, Ayurveda & other Traditional system of medicines adopting modern scientific parameters]
Swami Ramdev ji says "Oxygen (Pran) we breathe fills our lungs,spreads in the entire body(internal and external including neurons,veins ,arteries) providing it with essential food,energy,oxygen and gentle massage;not only that the veins collect the dross elements from the body,take them to the heart and then to the lungs,which throws the useless materials like carbon-di-oxide and other fatal toxins out of the body through the act of exhalation.

Through pranayam and meditation we attain a transcendental state of conciousness where the mind has no thoughts or impressions .in that state,our neuro-endocrine system becomes limbic-hypothalamic,pitutary,adrenal axis becomes strong and precise as a result our stress hormones-ACTH, Cortisol, prolactin ,adrinaline, and nor-adrenaline go down.And good harmones like beta endorphines,enkaphalins gets go up. As a result stress-related disease like hypertension,obesity,heart diseases, etc start reversing.
so do the cases of diabetes,asthma,bronchitis,leucoderma,depression,parkinson, insomnia,migraine,thyroid,arthritis,cervecal spondylitis,hepatitis,chrocic renal failure. cancer, cirrhosis of liver, gas, constipation, acidity etc. spiritually speaking ,with the support of respiration the mind peers into the inner world and enables the 'Sadhak'(Yog practionar) to experience divinity."
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Thus yoga fulfils Maharshi Sushruta's healthy individual definitiones

समदोषः समाग्निश्च समधातुमलक्रियः।
प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमनाः स्वस्थ इत्यिभिधीयते।।

जिस पुरूष के दोष,धातु,मल,तथा अग्निव्यापार सम हो अर्थात सामान्य (विकार रहित ) हो तथा जिसकी इन्द्रिया ,मन तथा आत्मा प्रसन्न हो ,वही स्वस्थ है।