Whats we do in our Practice

श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता 2/47

Shrimadbahgavdgeeta 2/47.

We try at our best to avail you yoga from land of it's origin following as Geeta;s theory we do karma(deeds) ,success & unsuccess is not in our hand ,it?s in almighty's hand.

We consider the body as temple of god & we will be ever watchful to keep it healthy & full of vitality by adopting the principles of self control order and harmony in our lives.

We constantly & sincerely Endeavour to create an environment of loving kindness, cleanness, responsibility, courage, simplicity& Goodwill.

We use pran (breathe)as medicine for the treatment of all curable & incurable disease by pranayam(Breathing technique/Nanotechnology)

With a view to keep our minds free from the inrush of negative thoughts and emotions, we adopt a regular programme of yoga and pranayam with ennobling and inspiring commentary.

We vigilantly practice strict control over our senses ,thoughts ,and emotions Motivation of all for achieving holistic, physical ,mental, social, spiritual health. Finally we protect from ill effects of consumeric culture and acquaint with our glorious culture heritage.