Facial Yoga

Face is the Index of Heart?

Leave your tongue hanging out and roll your eyes upwards, blow kisses till your head back & try to kiss ceiling??hold each pose for a minutes. This might sound like a one away ticket to the loony bin, but it actually sets you on the road to firm jaws & plump lips. This is facial yoga. Sceptics may sneer , but the trend is here to stay, for those who want to get red of worry lines & wrinkles. It?s a natural facelift. We all knows that looks are important. Gyms can tome up your body, but what about the face? A face is made up of 57 muscles, which are as responsive too exercise as other muscle.

We believe the face is our biography and we need to made it a bestseller,
We can fight with wrinkles though some facial yoga, which are helpful to stretch & tone facial muscles like singhasan ,Hasyasan , Shunya pranayam & some sukshmasans.Our facial muscles become weak and flabby and need circulation to reduce wrinkles.

Facial exercises stimulate blood circulation for an even skin tone, rejuvenate elasticity and natural collagen. They help diminish fine lines as well as brighten & tighten the skin.
Laughter play an important role in facial yoga and can smooth wrinkles as it increases blood circulation and removes polluted corbondioxide from the lungs.
Thus we can say yoga acts as antioxidant in our body, which delay the oxidation process (Oxidation of food will complete and we will get full energy from food but the rate of oxidation delayed means we will get full energy longer.) , delays the ageing process, removes toxins , removes free radicals, (Same as Ayurvedic ?RASAYANS?) gives glowing complexions and over all it gives us healthy & longer life.