Panchkarma Therapies

(Bringing balance to your life-Detoxification of body)

What is Panchkarma?

Panchkarma is basically a bio-cleansing regimen, which facilitates the body system for better bioavailability of the pharmacological therapies, besides achieving homeostasis of humours (doshas). It also increases the acceptability of body to various dietary regimens and use of Rejuvenation therapy (Ressayan) for promotive health as well as for therapeutic regimens.

Panchkarma means 5 therapies including :-

- Vaman (Therapuetic emesis)
- Virachana (Therapeutic purgation)
- Snehabasti (Medicated oil enema)
- Kashaybasti (medicated decotion enema / Raktamokshana also)
- Nasya (Nasal administration of drug)

Followed by Purvakarma(Preprocedures e.g. Deepan,Pachan,Snehan,Swedana) & Paschatkarma/Sansarjana karma (Post procedures) These Therapies help in the elimination of disease-causing factors and maintain the equilibrium of body tissues (dhatus) and humours (doshas) to normalcy.

Why Panchkarma?

In view of increased incidence of refractory diseases attributable to change in life style and environmental conditions globally, it is imperative to adopt safe & effective regimen that could effectively manage such conditions.
Panchkarma is a specialty of Ayurveda having diversified preventive, curative & promotive actions indicated in wide range of diseases/health problems.
Panchkarma procedures purify various systems of the human body and expel out cumulated toxic metabolites (waste products) from the body, maintain normal functioning of tissue, digestion, metabolism, mental functions etc.

Shirodhara (shirahseka/Bliss Therapy) -60 minutes

Stream of medicated liquids over the forehead & scalp, with specific apparatus & specific height.
Effective in hair problems, scalp bones become stronger, prevents & cures headache due to different causes, improves the ability of sense organs, Induces sound sleep, very effective in management of stress & hypertension, cures dryness of the scalp, cleans the head, cures itching, useful in management of cranial nerve disorders.

Takra Dhara ? 60 minutes

Stream of medicated butter milk. Highly effective in hair problems, dandruff, Hyper tension. Cures premature graying of hair, improves the taste in mouth, beneficial in ear & eye problems.

Shirobasti ? 60 minutes

A special hat is fixed around the head, and on this positioned hat lukewarm medicated oil is poured, and is allowed to remain there for a prescribed period.Helpful in baldness, dandruff problems, skin problems on scalp, hair fall, different hair problems, stress & hypertension, sleep disorders followed by head massage & karnpuran & Nasyam as per requirement.

Abhyangam with marma therapy (Massage with vital points) ? 60 Minutes

In this procedures vital points of the body are pressed with specific time & pressure with Abhyangam.(Application of oil to the skin followed by massage in specific direction = ?Abhyangam? ) Massage in specific direction improves blood circulation, facilitates removal of the toxins from the tissues, improves body complexion, helps to maintain the original softness and lusture of the skin, rejuvenates body tissues, promotes health & prevents aging effects, quick relief in body pain, Induces sound health, reduces the effect of trauma if any, beautifies the body figure.

Synchronised massage-

Two Therapist work in ultimate synchronization which gives you the savor of extra care/gives you a wonderful feeling of classical Ayurvedic Abhyangam

Mardana (Deep tissue massage) ? 60 Minutes

Application of more pressure after anointing the body with oil, massage is carried out both in sharirabhyanga as well as ?Mardana? and the method is distinct in these two procdures. In mardana comparatively more pressure is applied in the form of massage, benefits as massage but specialy recommended for vitiated ?Vata? dosha & to improve body musculature & enhances the physical strength.

Aromatherapy-60 Minutes

Aroma Means 'fragrance'. Aromatherapy means to scientifically treat with the help of fragrance means it is a wonderful combination of smell & touch. Patent yet subtle, reviving yet restoring, these health & beauty treatments are safe & work on the mind & body. Pure natural aromatic essential oils are used for aroma-therapy. They are the vital essences of plants, akin to hormones among humans. Tiny quantities prepared by special methods, contain all properties of a tree, a single drop can store the energy of a hundred plants, and release that energy during massage.

Pizhichil (Kayaseka/Sarvang Dhara) ? 60 Minutes

Body is massaged gently, while pieces of linen dipped in warm medicated oil is squeezed over the entire body in a special rhythm. Improves stability & stamina of the body, complexion of body, reverse aging process, different form of paralysis monoplegia, hemiplegia, diplegia, paraplegia, traumatic pain, pain & stiffness in joints.

Sughandha Massage

Sughandha = fragrance, in this massage we use sandal wood powder paste, which cools the body, Absorb body odor gives you deep relaxed & fragrance full body.

Uzhichil ? 50 Min.

This whole body massage is effective in enhancing blood circulation, relieving tense nerves and muscles, alleviating pains and thus relaxing the body.

Lake City Special Massage (Rajasthani Classical) ? 60/30 Min.

In this massage special techniques of traditional heritage are used, these are the techniques we are using by our generation by generation for Kings & Maharajas of Mewar.

Padghata (Massage with feet) ? 40 Min.

Application of oil all over the body followed by a special massage, in which the therapists use his feet to apply firm pressure on the client's body.

Udavartna (Slimming Massage/Body Scrubs) ?Sharir Parimarjana? ? 50 minutes

Massaging the whole body below the neck with oil or powders of herbs or fruit packs in a direction opposite to the orientation of hair in the body, reduces fat in the body, improves complexion & lusture of body skin, prevents untimely drowsing, Eliminates bad body odour, due to excessive sweating or for other reasons, cures itching sensation.

Shashti Shali Pinda Sweda ? 60 Minutes ( Njvarakijhi)

Medicated sudation by bolus made from boiled rice yielded in 60 days & other medicaments. Highly effective anti aging, rheumatism, joint pain, emaciation, whole body pain, strengthen the body.

Patra Pinda Sweda (Elakizhi)? 60 minutes

Application of medicated sudation by bolus made from processed leaves of medicinal plants. Beneficial in vitiation of 'Vata' dosha, pain & swelling, arthritis, back ache, effectively relives pain in tendenitis.

Baluka Pinda Sweda (BPS) or Lavana Sweda ? 30 Minutes

Application of the heat & there by inducing perspiration by using heated pack of sand or salt the unique feature of this treatment is subjected to sudation procedure without prior application of oil, so it is used where snehana is contraindicated. Useful in vitiation of kapha dosha, rhematoid arthritis.

Kati Basti ? 45 Minutes

Retaining of warm medicated liquids/oils over the lumbosacral region (lower back) with a herbal paste boundry. Useful in low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, Spondylosis, stiffness, disc prolapse & other problems in the lower vertebral column.

Griva basti ? 45 minutes

Applying heat to the cervical region by retaining warm medicated oil within a specialy formed frame on this area. Useful in painful conditions of cervical regions like cervical spondylosis, disc prolapses, ankylosing sponditis, rhematoid arthritis, neck pain & stiffness in neck.

Janu Basti ? 45 minutes

Retaining of medicated liquids /oils over the knee joint through trough. Useful in osteoarthritis, & other painful conditions of knee joint.

Urobasti ? 45 Minutes

Heat is applied to the painful anterior chest by retaining warm medicated oil within a specially formed frame on this area, indicated in painful conditions of anterior chest, like costochondritis.


Smoking for the therapeutic purpose using a specially designed instrument or pipe. Useful in bronchial asthma, allergic sinusitis, heaviness in head, lack of taste in mouth, cough & other head area problems.

Mukhlepa (Ayurvedic Medicated Face Pack)?30 minutes

Topical application of the herbal paste to the face and keeping it undisturbed for certain period. Therapy is used to clear the morbidity of dosha or toxic substances in facial skin as well as to improve the colour & complexion of the skin, Bluish pigmentation, Blacking pigmentation, Wrinkle, premature graying of hair, acne-vulgaris. Etc.

Bashpa Sweda (Steam bath) ? 10-20 Minutes

Body is treated with a medicated steam introduced in to a specially designed steam chamber below the neck. Vititated ' vata' dosha, pain, stiffness in whole body, sciatica problems, arthritis, Neurological discorders like paralysis, motornueron disease, musulcar contractures. There are many contraindications so should be done under medical supervision.

Nadi Sweda ? 10-15 minutes

Nadi Sweda is a unique procedure, where perspiration is induced by passing steam over the body parts by using a special instrument. Herbs added with water are boiled in this instrument to generate steam to apply heat to a localized port of the body indications are paralysis, vatarakta, arthritis, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pain in particular part of the body.

Shiroabhyanga (Head massage) - 20 minutes

Smearing the oil to the head followed by specific maneavers refers to shiroabhyanga, Advised in headaches,Baldness, premature graying of hair, hair fall, sleep disorders, stress.

Padabhyangam (Foot massage) ? 20 Minutes

Application of oil on the feet followed by massage is popularly known as ?Padabhyanga?. Very specially recommended place of Abhyanga in ?Charak Samhita?, helps in disease of feet, fatigue, eye-diseases, softness of feet, pain in feet, very relaxive in fatigue due to long journey & walking.

Akshitarpanam- 20-30 Minutes

Unique procedure of applying medicated oil/ghee to eyes to prevent & cure the diseases of eye.

Karnapuram ? 15-20 Minutes

The procedure of dropping the medicated oil into the ear, Beneficial in ?Vatic Karna Roga? (?Vatic? ear diseases), stiffness, & pain of neck, and jaw, ear ache, head-aches etc.

Gandush & Kaval ? 15-20 Minutes

Retaining of medicated liquids/solids in oral cavity Beneficial to both healthy as well as diseased persons. Strengthen the jaw, teeth, melodious voice, lips cracking, dryness of throat, dental carries, Ulceration in oral cavity, teeth ache etc.

Vaman Karma (Therapeutic emesis) ? 15 days

It is a first pradhan karma (main procedure) of panchkarma therapy.
Vamana is the Unique procedure of eliminating the dosha from the body through the oral route by way of inducing therapeutic vomiting. Kapha dosha, the third among the three doshas is best eliminated by this procedure. Highly recommended to cure chronic rhinitis, various skin diseases, cough, bronchial asthma, breathlessness, painful swallowing, Indigestion, impaired appetitie and a long list of 'Kapha' disease consult to our Ayurveda Physician (Vaidhya)

Virechana Karma (Therapeutic Purgation) ? 15 days

Evacuation of the fecal matter & other accumulation of dosha in the lower gastrointestinal tract through anal route, also pradhan karma. Best for pitta dosha elimination. Highly recommended in febrile illness, skin diseases, frequent epistaxis, psoriasis, worm infestation and a long list, consult to our Ayurveda physician.

Basti Karma (Therapeutic Enema) 8-30 days

The administration of the liquid medicine through the rectal, urethral or vaginal route is collectively refered by the name basti. Basti is described as the best line of treatment of cure the imbalances of the vata dosha also a pradhan karma & highly recommended in half of diseases described in Ayurveda, it has so many types, for details consult to physician.

Nasyam 30 Minutes

Nasal administration of medicaments. As this is the nearest route, the diseases related to head is best treated by this procedure. Stiffness of head, chronic rhititis, allergic disorders, hair fall, energises all senses, sinusitis almost all disease of supraclavical region (urdhvajatrugata roga).

Panchkarma Therapies

Panchakarma packages at Pranav are designed for a wholesome cleansing, rejuvenation and healing experience. Undertaken under the supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor, Panchakarma therapies at Pranav are done by expert therapists who have been perfecting this art and science for generations.

The Pranav Panchakarma programme includes deeply rejuvenating and cleansing therapies that help restore balance and reawaken the body's natural healing mechanism. Apart from therapies that target a specific disease, we also provide tailor-made packages to achieve balance in body, mind and spirit.

Patients and guest visiting the Pranav Panchakarma Center also learn how simple shifts in diet, exercise and lifestyle enhance the therapy and help them move towards health and well-being. They return home renewed in body and spirit, and this strength, energy and vitality continues to stay with them for a long time.

We have the below mentioned packages in offer at Pranav, which can be customized and modified according to the aims and needs of the patient.

Disease wise specific package

We provide disease specific Panchakarma packages to address a wide range of health problems. These packages are formulated for you based upon your consultation with a Pranav doctor. At Pranav, Panchakarma therapies can help you manages a wide variety of ailments, including.

Obesity Migraine Joint Pain
Frozen shoulder Back Pain Stress
Fatigue Hair Loss Skin disorders
Digestive disorders Asthma Insomnia
Anxiety Depression Rhuematism
Cervical spondylosis Diabetes Hypertension
Sinusitis Psoriasis Muscular problems

These packages may last from a week to three weeks depending upon the severity and type of disease, and state of the patient's health. In these packages the therapy is customized and designed according to the disease of the patient.

Duration: 7-21 days depending on the severity of the disease.