Laughter Yoga

It is say that

Happiness is contagious ;so start an epidemic?
We just want to make whole universe happy like?

If you?re happy then your family is happy, Your family is happy means your neighbor is happy , your neighbor is happy means your colony is happy, your colony .city , district , zone ,state , country, continental, world , earth and earth is happy means other planets are happy and if all planets are happy means aliens are happy thus whole universe is happy.
In this way laughter is only way to make universe happy through above action plan but how a man can be happy through laughter yoga.
Laughter plays an important role yogic facelift and tones the facial muscles & smooth wrinkles s it increases blood circulation, antioxidants and removes free radicals , toxin, & polluted corbondioxide from lungs .

Laughter can be broadly classified into three classes-

  • Laughter at face level
  • Laughter at throat level
  • Laughter at abdominal level

By laughter yoga we can get several type of benefits

1. Physical benefit-

Through laughter yoga one can achieve good health . Laughter work as medicine . It is beneficial in many diseases like diabetes, joint pain, knee pain. Laughter can cure anything from head-ache to heart problem.

2. Emotional benefits

Peoples who are bad tempered , must control on their anger, because sometimes it is harmful for themselves.
Laughter yoga made them emotional stronger so it makes their environment peaceful, enjoy full & happy.

3. Interpersonal / social benefits

Because of short temper a person can't able to bond well with their co-member , so people makes distance with that person. Using laughter therapy he can become cheerful.
He enjoys talking to people , he shares problems with his friends and he can realize that there are other also who are sailing in the same boat , so that one can easily mix-up in group by his happier nature.
-Physical exercise is leisure activity & also complicated for older adults , laughter is better alternative of this.
-Physical exercises are time consuming & require some sources to do exercise whereas laughter is cheaper luxury.
-Laughter yoga is to function as stress buster .
- It is very beneficial in psychosomatic disorders
-It is able to cure all types of disorders.
If laughter by itself can be the best medicine , then what miracles could a cocktail of laughter , yoga stretches exercises & meditation being forth the older or adults who are caught in the clutches of depression , loneliness and worthlessness laughter therapy can overcome all these & make them happiest person.
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