Other Services

1. Accupressure Retreats

Accupressure is a nature cure system originated in ancient India for treatment.Acccupressure is the mane given to a system in which prssur is applied on points for ailment of body without any medicine.We have various reflex points of various organs of the body on the palm. Whenever any rogan of the body is out of order ,we start feeling pain on the particular point present onpalm /sole/several diseases can be cured at time by treating concerning reflex center.Accupressure instruments can activate & stimulate blood circulation & regular flow of bio-energy to develop immunity against diseases in the body.

2. Diet Plans

"Therefore, sustenance of living being is dependent on food. There is nothing other than food that supports the life of living beings. There is no medicine that is comparable to food. It is possible to free a man of ailments solely through diet. On the contrary, one cannot free a man of ailment even through medication if diet is ignored. It is therefore rightly said by physician that food is the greatest medicine". -Kashyapsamhita - khilasthanam ( IVH -6) Nutrition is a delicate process where one life form is transformed into another. So what you just ate will soon become part of your heart, brain, your emotions & you. And here we prescribe you food, after examining your health status, season or disease condition to preserve & promote your health with expertise in Ayurvedic classical texts as well as cure the diseases.

3. Education Training Programme

Education /Training Programmes. - 3 / 5 / 7 days - 60-90 minutes per day We offer short term, advanced, superior quality, tailor made educational programmes, specializing in different aspects of Ayurveda/Yoga/Panchkarma These programmes are for all freshers, beginers & Specialization for practitonars.

4. Homa Yajna Therapy

Pure vedic services / Homa therapy / Yajna / Hawan / Agnihotra - 60-90 minutes This is our one of the most special programme in which we conduct pure, scientific, vedic "Yajna" with chanating of vedic mantras with the homa of Ayurvedic herbal medicines, which works wonders & gives thousands of benefits to our body, mind & soul & It is very specially concerned with environmental purification.

5. Home Services

Your body is precious gift to you from Mother Nature and we honor this gift with a dedicated team of expert Ayurveda doctors, registered nursing staff & experienced yoga therapists to assure you of safe & reliable treatment at your door steps.
We are pioneer in Udaipur providing quality natural health care at your door steps( Ayurveda, Yoga,Naturopathy).
For details on "PRANAV'' N How you can experience the true Ayurveda & Yoga st your door steps- contact us on our mails ,phones,or our service place.
Ayurveda Doctor ( Vaidhya) on call :-
We avail you expert Ayurveda doctor on call at your door steps anywhere in Udaipur city, after fixing an appointment.
Ayurveda Nursing Staff:-
Some time there is lack of timings to come @ health center or sometime it is inconvenient to come at health center e.g. senior citizens or some patient need extra care with proper bed rest. So to avoid all the troubles we have a dedicated team of skilled & registered nursing staff.

The major Ayurvedic treatment procedures we provide at your home Such as ..

  • Abhyangam (Full Body massage)
  • Shirobasti (Head, paralysis, vata roga)
  • Katibasti (Back pain management)
  • Griva basti ( Neck pain management)
  • Janu basti ( Knee pain management)
  • Akshitarpanam ( Eye care)
  • Karnpuranam ( Ear care)
  • Gandush & Kaval (Oral care)
  • Facial ( Mukhlepam, Face care )
  • Head / Back / Foot Massage
  • Nasyam ( Nasal & ENT care)
  • Udvartanam (Body Scrubs )
  • Patra pinda sweda (Pain management)
  • Shashtik shali pindra sweda (Pain & muscular dystrophy management)
  • Valuka sweda (Specialy for Rhuematoid arthritis)
  • Basti karma ( mainly for vata roga)

Expert Yoga Therapist/Doctors of Yoga

We have a dedicated team of yoga experts/yoga doctors having experience to treat the patients of chronic diseases of different kinds. We are committed to give you quality yoga therapist at your door step to preserve & promote your health conditions as well as cure the diseases.

6. Incredible Spa & Wellness Journeys

Rasayan Package(Rejuvenation & Longevity Package)

Do you get sick often?Feel weak & lethargic?Have back,neck or knee pain?Is your health graph going down?The tissue of the body start degenerating with age leading to these problems ?Ayurveda has excellent treatments to retard the degenatation & slow down the ageing process.

One can delay the unavoidable phenomena of life i.e. ageing by following the Ayurvedic Rasayan therapy ,this is an unique theory in the science of Ayurveda .It keep the body young & agile even after one has passed his/her youth.Aaccording to Ayurveda ,this theory extends one's life span by many years.Rasayan effects include increased longevity,improved memory,intelligence,health,youthfulness,excellence of luster ,complexion & voice,optimum development of physique & sense organs,and mastery of phonetic & a lot of benefits in short the "Elixir"

Sukhnidra Package.(Calm Sleep.)

Sukhnidra means calm sleep or sound sleep.Lack of sleep is in fact a serious problem that can cause other disorders like anxiety & depression .A good night's sleep can reduce anxiety & depression. Sukhnidra treatment programme is aimed at creating a pacifying environment to facilitate sleep.the treatments include body & head massage with medicated oils, sirovasthy, shirodhara, Nasyam, Thalam, Ksheerdhara,tail dhara are other treatment of choice

Optimal living & occupational hazard management programme for Busy persons/ executives, IT Professional ,B.P.O. professionals etc:7days/14 days/21 days

Exexutive,IT Professionals, B.P.O. Professional etc.who is continously exposed to computer screen,prone to computer vision syndrome,confined to sitting on a chair for long hours with prolonged use of fingers for operating keyboard leading to carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive strain injuries) and Back pain symdrome, working late hours without proper sleep during our circadian rhythm, physical and mental stress of meeting deadlines and have untimely food irregularly leading to host of gastrointestinal , neurological ,psychiatric disorders etc. To broaden your awareness of health, fitness, nutrition, movement, stress management and creative expression this package give you enough insight.

Synchronised massage

Two Therapist work in ultimate synchronization which gives you the savor of extra care ,therapists gently work on your body in a synchronized manner,gives a wonderful feeling of classical Ayurvedic abhyangam.

Shirodhara (shirahseka/Bliss Therapy) -60 minutes

Stream of medicated liquids over the forehead & scalp, with specific apparatus & specific height. Effective in hair problems, scalp bones become stronger, prevents & cures headache due to different causes, improves the ability of sense organs, Induces sound sleep, very effective in management of stress & hypertension, cures dryness of the scalp, cleans the head, cures itching, useful in management of cranial nerve disorders.

Takra Dhara ? 60 minutes

Stream of medicated butter milk. Highly effective in hair problems, dandruff, Hyper tension. Cures premature graying of hair, improves the taste in mouth, beneficial in ear & eye problems.

Shirobasti ? 60 minutes

A special hat is fixed around the head, and on this positioned hat lukewarm medicated oil is poured, and is allowed to remain there for a prescribed period.Helpful in baldness, dandruff problems, skin problems on scalp, hair fall, different hair problems, stress & hypertension, sleep disorders followed by head massage & karnpuran & Nasyam as per requirement.

Abhyangam with marma therapy (Massage with vital points)? 60 Minute.

In this procedures vital points of the body are pressed with specific time & pressure with Abhyangam.(Application of oil to the skin followed by massge in specific direction = "Abhyangam" ) Massage in specific direction improves blood circulation, facilitates removal of the toxins from the tissues, improves body complexion, helps to maintain the original softness and lusture of the skin, rejuvenates body tissues, promotes health & prevents aging effects, quick relief in body pain, Induces sound health, reduces the effect of trauma if any, beautifies the body figure.

Mardana (Deep tissue massage) ? 60 Minutes

Application of more pressure after anointing the body with oil, massage is carried out both in sharirabhyanga as well as "Mardana" and the method is distinct in these two procdures. In mardana comparatively more pressure is applied in the form of massage, benefits as massage but specialy recommended for vitiated "Vata" dosha & to improve body musculature & enhances the physical strength.

Aromatherapy-60 Minutes

Aroma Means 'fragrance'. Aromatherapy means to scientifically treat with the help of fragrance means it is a wonderful combination of smell & touch. Patent yet subtle, reviving yet restoring, these health & beauty treatments are safe & work on the mind & body. Pure natural aromatic essential oils are used for aroma-therapy. They are the vital essences of plants, akin to hormones among humans. Tiny quantities prepared by special methods, contain all properties of a tree, a single drop can store the energy of a hundred plants, and release that energy during massage.

Pizhichil (Kayaseka/Sarvang Dhara) ? 60 Minutes

Body is massaged gently, while pieces of linon dipped in warm medicated oil is squeezed over the entire body in a special rhythm. Improves stability & stamina of the body, complexion of body, reverse aging process, different form of paralysis monoplegia, hemiplegia, diplegia, paraplegia, traumatic pain, pain & stiffness in joints.

Uzhichil ? 50 Min.

This whole body massage is effective in enhancing blood circulation, relieving tense nerves and muscles, alleviating pains and thus relaxing the body.

Lake City Special Massage (Rajasthani Classical) ? 60/30 Min.

In this massage special techniques of traditional heritage are used, these are the techniques we are using by our generation by generation for Kings & Maharajas of Mewar.

Padghata (Massage with feet) ? 40 Min.

Application of oil all over the body followed by a special massage, in which the therapists use his feet to apply firm pressure on the client's body.

Udavartna (Slimming Massage/Body Scrubs) "Sharir Parimarjana" ? 50 minutes

Massaging the whole body below the neck with oil or powders of herbs or fruit packs in a direction opposite to the orientation of hair in the body, reduces fat in the body, improves complexion & lusture of body skin, prevents untimely drowsing, Eliminates bad body odour, due to excessive sweating or for other reasons, cures itching sensation.

Shashti Shali Pinda Sweda ? 60 Minutes ( Njvarakijhi)

Medicated sudation by bolus made from boiled rice yielded in 60 days & other medicaments. Highly effective anti aging, rheumatism, joint pain, emaciation, whole body pain, strengthen the body.

7. Jungle Safaris

Out door activities/Jungle-tour/medico-eco-tourism/ Saffarie ? 4-6 Hours Udaipur is one of the mega biodiversity regions of India especially in reference to medicinal plants in its lush green forests & sanctuaries. Also known for most adventurous eco-tourism, unique herbal & ethno-medical tourism destination. We promise for an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers, specially for those who want to discover the unique medicinal plants of tribal region of Udaipur, their features diversity & medicinal values. We will also meet you with traditional practitioners of tribal area with Indian traditional refreshment and meal in Indian style.

8. Kshar Sutra Therapy

Kshar-sutra has been described in all the ancient books of Ayurveda as caustic thread for all those conditions which demand gradual excision of overgrowth soft tissueses .these conditions include piles,polyps,warts,papillae and also the non healing chronic sinuses and ulcers where debridement is an essential factor to permit a healthy healing pattern.In this way ,kshar sutra has a wide applications in a number of surgical conditions which often pose problems for the patients and also for the surgeons. This has specific role to play in common anorectal conditions like Piles,Fistula & Fissures.

9. Leach Therapy

In ayurveda leech refers to "Jalauka" ( Hirudo medicinalis).
Accomplishing the raktamokshana (allowing the blood to bleed for therapeutic purposes) by allowing the leech to suck the blood from the site of lesion.
It is highly recommended in all Skin diseases, Joint pain (Specially gout), Poisonous bite, Diseases of throat, Alopecia (Baldness).

10. Naturopathy Welcare

Naturopathy-welcare-Rajuvenate your body & soul ?the natural way

Naturopathy is an art and science of healthy living and drugless system of medicine based on well founded philosophy. It has its own concept of health & diseases and principles of treatment .we can find a number of references in our Vedas & other ancient texts. Naturopathy is a system of intervention that uses naturally available resources for healing.in this modern era of stress,strain and faulty life style,the common man is suffering from various psychosomatic disorders leading to chronic,incurable ,allergic and metabolic diseases.in most of these diseases,the modern medicine is unable to render long term remedies.The prolonged medication further results in various side effects causing harm to vital organs and systems.Yoga & Naturopathy together place a major role in holistic health in all aspects viz.preventive,promotive and curative.They are cost effective ,easier,simpler and safer practices bring down the very incidence of sickness and also reduce the cost of medications.We avail you following
(i)Treatments from"Vayu(Air)" e.g.Pranayams,Yoga/suggestions for healthy morning walks
(ii)Treatments from"Jal(Water)"e.g.Steam bath,Hydropathy
(iii)Treatments from"Agni(Fire)"e.g.Suryanamaskar,sun bath
(iv)Treatments from"Aakash"e.g.Fasting therapies
(v)Treatments from"Prithvi(Mud/Earth)"e.g.mud packs,mud baths.

11. Online Consultancy

Internet Clinic/Online cousultancy

We have online consultancy facility on our website to provide you the freedom to be tuned with us from anywhere, just with a click on your PC.

12. Traditional Home Remedies

Ayurveda science was not complied in laboratories nor does own its evolution to some corporate strategy to maximize gain. Ayurvedic practitioners evolves it through their continual dialogue with patients & use of local resources, nature inputs, natural practices for self assessment and preventive regimen ,natural therapies that do not use any sophisticated machinery & reflect natural cure solution.
Thus the home remedy is not a complicated thing it is just present in our culture,we are to follow our culture only i.e."Dadi ma ke nuskhe"
Anything that is easily available in or around your home, and has a medicinal use, may be used as a home remedy. Most Ayurvedic home remedies are a blend of commonly used herbs and spices to cure common symptoms or prevent any ailment.
You are most welcome to get home remedy consultation at your home with one click only. We consult "Traditional home remedy" workshops for groups time to time.

13. Vedic Herbal Beauty Care


All want to be beautiful so the body language gait and personal stylishness is always a matter of concern especially in female gender.
God gifted beauty to female but when "PRANAV" SPA touches it, the enhancement is over all praised.
We integrate beauty science with Ayurvedic wisdom i.e. Panchkarma,Herbs & other special methods prescribed in classical texts without the use of hazardous chemicals.
Beauty developed as a wellness solution at "PRANAV" is unparalleled.
Panchakarma therapies help in curing Acne, Pimples, Pigmentation, Blemishes, dark circles under the eyes as well as complexion enhancement.

Anti Ageing Package

This package will also help to improve the complexion, give shine & vitality to skin, improves the tone of the body, improves blood circulation & revitalize the body.
In Ayurveda anti ageing means primarily maintaining a healthy body, as life enters into old age & thus slowing down the process of ageing, wear & tear & degeneration. The aim of ayurveda anti ageing treatment is to aspire for a healthy ageing process to keep both body & mind functions at optimal capacity. Includes Shashtishali Pinda Sweda,facials ,Shirodhara. Etc.


Experience our result oriented SPA facial treatments. Precisely formulated with the most potent natural ingredients, a wide range is available to suit your personal need.
All facial include a deep cleansing, toning relaxing massage & a soothing pack.

  • Saffron Glow
  • RoseDry & dehydrated skin
  • Sandal Oil control
  • Turmeric Acne & pimple
  • Almond Dry skin

Special facial for men also available.

Hair spa
With classical treatment of Ayurveda you can give a beauty to your hairs. In our hair spa treatment we treat your hair with classical oils, massages, Shirodhaira, Shirobasti,Oral medicines etc.
Skin Spa
Natural body polishing & Toning
Here you will find a mesmerizing skin of your body with herbal treatments, tone your skin & feel a naturally glowing wrinkle free skin.
Beautiful Back
A treatment focusing on the beauty of an important but normally rejected part of your body ? back. A deep cleansing massage & a warp. This treatment relaxes the back muscles, moisturizes the skin & helps to remove tan.
Foot Pampering
Often neglected, your vulnerable feet are prone to fatigue, dryness & thickening provide your feet the care & attention they deserve.
A restorative yet pampering foot treatment that begins with through cleansing & foot scrub followed by a relaxing foot massage to remove the stress from your feet and body.A floral foot bath makes a great finish of your foot pampering.