Why Yoga On Today

All of us wish to live a longer life without medication & disease but we never thought about last 20 years of Life by spending our whole life income or debits on MRI , X-Rays , CT-SCANs, Angioplasties, By pass surgeries, Hip & Knee replacements, Chemotherapies, Radiation therapies,...etc ,How we can we imagine a better life, we can only imagine for waiting death on a hospital bad by taking a lot of medicines, investigations and kindness of others...(in last 20 years of life)

  • Who wishes not to recognize his family ,Children & grandchildren in older life by suffering from disease like Alzimers, Dementia....
  • Who wishes to live longer older life struggling with back-ache ,Joint pain ,Arthritis, Asthma, osteoporessis, Mental disorders......

    No one wishes to live like this ,that's why ,we should add Yoga as a part of our life that makes us free from all above conditions & gives us a life better then best.

    We assure you that if you will practice yoga regularly u will be always away from all above conditions & will live with true Physical ,mental, social & spiritual health(According to World Health Organization "Health is a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.)

    We assure you that after practicing yoga & Indian life style you will being always away from doing things wrong at your home, office.........or anywhere else in society,there will be a balance between personal life,social life & professional (work) life with our special programmes.

    So convert life into yoga, so that you may ensure success in all fields of activity. by regular practicing & using your presence of mind you can become a yogi & can enjoy peace & happiness of nature.